Radiology Conferences

Interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary meetings

Each working day in the Radiology department begins with one of the many interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary team meetings that we take part in. These meetings are an invaluable opportunity for members of the Radiology team to interact with our medical and surgical colleagues, to discuss interesting and challenging cases where the patients’ imaging may be the key to diagnosis, to discuss cases which may be suitable for an interventional radiological procedure and, in the case of MDTs, to play a key role in the decision-making process in the management of patients with lung, colorectal, pancreatic, hepatobiliary, urological, gynaecological and musculoskeletal malignancies.

We expect medical students rotating through the department to attend some of these meetings each week. Please ask one of the Radiology registrars or consultants at each meeting to sign your attendance sheet. The schedule for Radiology meetings is provided below. A printed list will also be issued to you when you arrive in the department.

Day Time Location Conference
Monday 07.00 Pathology Conference Room Sarcoma MDT
Monday 07.30 Conference Room B Vascular
Monday 08.00 Pathology Conference Room Lung MDT
Monday 08.00 Conference Room A Neurology
Monday 08.30 Conference Room A Stroke
Tuesday 08.00 Cardiology (beside CCU) Cardiology
Tuesday 08.00 Conference Room B General Surgery
Wednesday 07.15 Pathology Conference Room Pancreatic MDT
Wednesday 08.00 Conference Room A Respiratory
Thursday 07.30 Conference Room B GI/hollow organ
Thursday 08.15 Conference Room A GI/hepatology
Thursday 09.00 Conference Room B Haematology
Friday 07.45 Conference Room A Oncology
Friday  08.00 Conference Room B Rheumatology