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About our Department

The Radiology Department at SVUH is one of the largest in the country, extending over three floors of the hospital. Over 210,000 imaging examinations are performed annually using state-of-the-art equipment, in addition to around 12,000 procedures performed with imaging guidance.

Interventional Radiology, inpatient ultrasound, nuclear medicine, CT, MRI, fluoroscopy and inpatient and GP radiography examinations are carried out in the main department on the second floor. On the first floor, there are four outpatient ultrasound rooms, two mammography rooms and a DXA scanner. Adjacent to the Emergency Department on the ground floor, there is an additional CT scanning room and three further digital radiography rooms where ED and outpatient examinations are performed. The PET-CT suite is located in the main hospital.

The registrars and consultants in our department are heavily involved in research and publish a number of peer-reviewed journal articles every year, often in collaboration with other departments in the hospital. For a list of some of our recent publications click here.


The Radiology Department at SVUH is currently staffed by 22 consultants, some of whom also work in St Michael’s Hospital, St Luke’s Hospital (Rathgar), the Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital, Breastcheck Merrion Unit and the National Maternity Hospital. Each consultant has one or more areas of subspecialist interest within the specialty of Radiology:


Dr Stephen Skehan – Hepatobiliary and GI Imaging, Nuclear Medicine/PET

Prof Conor Collins – Oncology imaging, Nuclear Medicine/PET

Prof David Brophy – Interventional Radiology

Prof Jonathan Dodd – Cardiac and Thoracic Imaging

Prof Colin Cantwell – Interventional Radiology

Prof Eric Heffernan – Musculoskeletal Imaging and Intervention

Dr Sorcha McNally – Breast imaging

Dr Suzanne Shine – Breast and Gynaecological imaging

Dr Jeff McCann – Interventional Radiology

Prof Ronan Killeen – Neuroradiology, Head/Neck Imaging, Nuclear Medicine/PET

Dr Ronan Ryan – Interventional Radiology, Hepatobiliary and GI Imaging

Dr Deirdre Moran – Urological Imaging, Musculoskeletal Imaging

Dr Anne Foster – Breast and Gynaecological imaging

Dr Ailbhe O’Neill – Breast and Oncology Imaging, PET

Dr Graeme McNeill –  Neuroradiology, Head/Neck Imaging

Dr David Murphy – Chest, cardiac and PET imaging

Dr Lisa Lavelle – Hepatobiliary and GI imaging, Gynaecological Imaging

Dr Sinead McEvoy – Hepatobiliary, GI and Urological Imaging

Dr Rory O’Donohoe – Neuroradiology, Head/Neck Imaging

Dr Nicola Hughes – Oncology imaging, Musculoskeletal Imaging

Dr Gerard Healy – Interventional Radiology

Dr Colin O’Rourke – Interventional Radiology


There are approximately 50 radiographers practicing in the department, in addition to 12 nurses.


Radiology Trainees

There are thirteen Specialist Registrars in the department, who will spend almost all of their Radiology training program here, with the exception of a one month rotation in neuroradiology at Beaumont Hospital and two months of paediatric radiology at Temple Street Children’s Hospital or Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children in Crumlin. There will usually be one or two post-fellowship radiology trainees in the department, completing their fifth year of training, during which they will generally focus on a few subspecialist areas such as interventional radiology. For more details on the Radiology Training Scheme, click here.

Some of the more senior Registrars are appointed as honorary lecturers each year, and will co-ordinate and provide tutorials during your Radiology rotation.

UCD Honorary Lecturers in Radiology 2021-2022:

Dr Aoife Haughey

Dr Brendan Kelly


Radiology conferences and multidisciplinary team meetings

The consultants and SpRs in the department participate in over 25 weekly Radiology conferences and MDTs involving the majority of the medical and surgical specialties in the hospital. Most of these take place in the Radiology department, in conference rooms A and B, while the MDTs are usually held in the Pathology department. Medical students rotating through the department should attend at least three of these meetings during their week, as they provide valuable insight into the huge role that Radiology plays in the management of patients at SVUH. For a list of conferences that you should consider attending, and their locations and times please click here.


About the author

Prof Eric Heffernan

Consultant Musculoskeletal Radiologist, St Vincent’s University Hospital

Clinical Professor, University College Dublin

Email: e.heffernan@st-vincents.ie

Please feel free to contact me if you have any (constructive!) feedback to offer about this site, if you have any suggestions to make for additional material to be included, or if you would like to enquire about doing a Radiology elective.



Many thanks to my consultant, registrar and radiographer colleagues who contributed images to this site, in particular Prof Ronan Killeen and our Interventional Radiologists who generously donated a large number of Neuroradiology and IR cases.

 Live long, and prosper

Live long, and prosper